refugee journal entry

refugee journal entry


on the verge of world war three

The possibility of a World War three has been talked about for over 70 years and now the possibility of it is just around the corner. If you asked someone ten years ago about the possibility of a world war three, they would very much deny that statement. If there was a world war three I think it would be devastating for humans. The nuclear weapons and advanced technology that we have these days is extremely superior to the first and second World Wars. Nagasaki and Hiroshima were only the tip of the iceberg on how big nuclear warfare can be. Albert Einstein said a quote that I think is almost one hundred percent true. “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones’’. That statement potentially could be true.  But the main reason why world war three might begin is because all different countries are against and for the Syrian civil war. For example, the united states are against the Syrian rebels but Russia are for the Syrian government. There all different countries who support different things for the civil war and most countries don’t agree with each other, which could turn into a World War.


The three powers of the world- the most powerful countries in terms of weapons are the United States of America. North Korea and Russia. You could also include china if you wanted to but those three are the main threats.


North Korea- North Korea are one of the most powerful countries in the world. And the leader of this is Kim Jong-un. North Korea live in a democracy where there is a supreme leader and whatever he says goes.  North Korea are not afraid of dropping missiles on any country that disagree with his action. Lots of countries disagree with the sort of government that North Korea has and if other country’s attack, Kim Jong Un is not afraid to retaliate with advanced weaponry E.G nuclear warfare. Kim Jong-Un has made threats to other countries who are against him and his government, such as Israel, Australia North Korea and the United States.




United States of America- America/Russia the United States of America have just elected a new president in Donald trump, which has sparked some controversy between the people of America and other countries. Some of trumps plans are very extreme and protests trump have risen among the American citizens. Some of his plans are; building a wall around the Mexican border, ending immigration in America, stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons, and basically trying to end ISIS as well as trying to fix the civil war over in Syria.  On the 6th of April 2017, Donald trump launched missiles in retaliation to the chemical attacks over in Syria. Vladimir Putin and Russia were furious over the decision to launch missiles over in Syria. Russia supports Assad’s regime [Syrian forces] so the Russian government were very angry over trumps decision. America and Russia don’t have the best relationship. They do have history such as the cold war.


My thoughts on world war three and the concept of war- I defiantly think that world war three is a very possible resolution for the problems that all the countries have with each other. But what will it achieve? War is just a big battle between 2 or more army’s against each other because they have issues. What will you achieve if you win a war? Do governments really feel an achievement from killing millions of people? Do they not care about the families that they are effecting and even if you win your country loses a lot of men, women and children?  What does war achieve? I defiantly think that world war three will be catastrophic to the people on earth. The amount of advanced weaponry that’s country have power over is massive. To me war is just pointless and at the end of the day it just achieves nothing. Millions of people die. How is that achieving anything?


Conclusion- In conclusion world war three is a big possibility in this generation. North Korea, Russia, America, china. All big superpowers of the world who hold nuclear warfare in the palm of their hand. The Syrian civil war will be the main cause of world war three. Too many countries are following different sides and if one country acts against the rebels or government, another could retaliate and it could get out of hand really quickly.  And at the end of the day, to me, war is pointless. Be honest, what does it achieve?